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When I came to Bali I quickly came across a brand named Bali Paws, and it was love at first sight! Not only did I fall in love with their cute bandanas which were perfect for my own little puppies! But I also fell in love with the story behind the brand ... 

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Bali Paws

Stay Curious Darling 

I didn’t know I could love another living creature so much until I found my Bali Dog Ada (I know that sounds lame but she is seriously the best thing ever) in a pile of trash outside my home in Bali, and by found I mean she basically found me. I brought her home for a bath and a meal and the rest is history. She’s now a Bali dog in Canada enjoying the ice and digging in the snow instead of the sand. Because of Ada I got to meet some amazing people like Libby....

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Ragan L. Killen

As I shared in an earlier post, I am curious about the ways that people create meaning and purpose in their lives. Libby is an individual who is determined to make a difference in her community, which i find inspiring and therefore wanted to hear more about. I have a feeling that the work Libby is doing is not only changing the lives of the dogs in Bali, but also hers too! I’m not sure if I can think of a better use of one’s energy than giving your time and talents to help a cause that you believe in. 

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